You can say goodbye to your white walls!
This page provides a money saving home improvement interior decorating tip; that is simple and satisfying. Learn how to create a stunning and memorable bedroom suite.

The tips below and the photographs of the painted master bedroom suite will answer your interior decorating questions.
Here is a method of decorating a master bedroom suite that is both affordable and easy.

1. Shop for a bedding set and coordinating accessories.

2. From your bedding set pick two wall colors for the room.

3. Decide where the two colors should go in the room and paint it.

4. Let me show you and example of how you can create a custom bedroom master suite...scroll down and let me show you all the steps that will help you decorate your mater bedroom.

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How to decorate your master bedroom suite

Interior Decorating - Tips for creating a stunning master bedroom suite
Not sure how to decorate or what
colors to use in your master bedroom?
See more of this bedroom below.

Choosing the paint colors for the bedroom in the photo above was easy when we worked from the bedding set the owner had purchased.

The next step in completing this room was to choose a few wall colors. We closely matched the pillows and choose a tan for the opposing walls which really soften the room.

The owner did a fabulous job when she added the simple black curtain rod, black metal bed frame and side tables. This was a great example of making your home your a place that is comfortable and matches your personal style.
Say goodbye to white walls! These master suite photographs should give you an understanding of how simple it can be to decorate and paint your master suite.

You don't have to live with white walls. Let me show you how easy it is to decorate a master bedroom suite

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How to decorate a master bedroom