If you are making an effort to go green, or even to save a few dollars on the monthly water bill, then you might want to think about using a rain barrel to collect rainwater for use during dry times. Rain barrels are an age-old method of rainwater harvesting, which means that they are simply receptacles that are placed outside to collect rainwater for use at a later time.

Here is where the fun begins... Check out this collection of hand painted rain barrels!
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How to make a tropical rain barrel

The water collected from the rain can even be stored in a large water barrel for use at anytime. You plants respond best to soft water and that is exactly what rain water provides since there are no added chemicals to the water.
Reduce water useage and reuse your rain water.
Hand Painted Rain Barrel
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Harvesting Rainwater is Becoming a Popular Hobby

tropical rain barrel
Don't want a painted rain barrel take a look at how we made this tropical rain barrel that blends into your personal backyard paradise. And see how I made a make a stand to elevate your rain barrel.
Harvest rainwater for your plants because they love it!

Looking for a rain barrel in Sarasota or Manatee County Florida?

In Sarasota County: contact Eco-Essentials for ready made 55 gallon rain barrels. Contact Jodi at (941) 954-6035 or (941) 720-3694.

In Manatee County: Manatee County Government, Utility Operations Department, Water Conservation Program (941) 792-8811 x5327

Tip for painting a rain barrel:
  • Always prime your barrel with a primer made for plastic
  • Seal your painted creation with a clear sealer made for outside use
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