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If you are making an effort to
go green, or even to save a few dollars on the monthly water bill, then you might want to think about using a rain barrel to collect rainwater for use during dry times. Rain barrels are an age-old method of rainwater harvesting, which means that they are simply receptacles that are placed outside to collect rainwater for use at a later time. A rain water barrel can be placed at the bottom of your home’s gutter, in the backyard, or just about anywhere that there is some rainwater runoff.
Rain water collection is a great way to water your potted plants, trees, and lawn during periods of low rain or even drought.
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Harvesting Rainwater can save you money on your next water bill
The water collected from the rain can even be stored in a much larger water barrel for use at anytime. You plants respond best to soft water and that is exactly what rain water provides since there are no added chemicals such as fluoride and chlorine. In times of emergency, the water collected in the barrel could also be used for cleaning, cooking, or drinking but only after the proper treatment.

If you are serious about water conservation, you should definitely invest in a few rain barrels today. You may even want to
get a copper rain chain or two, which can help disperse the water from your roof or other surface into a rain barrel. A rain barrel is an excellent way to recycle water and save money too!
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Save money on your next water bill

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