Orange dining room
orange accent wall

Using the color orange to decorate your home

Turn an ordinary shelve space into an extraordinary shelving unit just by adding orange to the back wall.
Orange walls work well with the neutral furnishings in this dining room. The nice thing with neutral furnishing is you can change you wall color at anytime and no matter what the color it will work.
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Dare you go orange in the bathroom? Why not!
It's Easy to give Energy to Your Home...add ORANGE

This orange bathroom was the first room to be painted a bold color in the house. With the bathroom cabinets, countertop, tub and tile being a neutral color the options for color in this room were wide open.

For a modern look the orange bathroom was finished off with black and white stripped towels and shower curtain by Merimekko and the results looks great!

Add energy to your home with the color Orange!

Paint the walls in your dining room orange.