Creating and Defining a Home with Modern Style

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Many are interested in creating a modern look for their home, but few know what to look for in furniture and décor. When trying to infuse a living space with this style, it is important to remember that a modern home should be unfettered and uncluttered. The best advice on how to create this look comes from Thoreau. Always look for ways to “simplify, simplify.”
Modern room
Modern home design rejects the more flowery and busy expressions of European and traditional trends. When looking for elements to incorporate into your modern home décor, focus on pieces with simple lines and few flourishes. Keep colors and finishes very simple. Nothing should distract the eye from the form of the furniture in the room. Most designs include a few striking pieces that don’t have to fight for attention with a ton of accessories.
Decorating with modern style is all about keeping things clean. In addition to the sparse nature of the design, the finishes are all very sterile. Glossy, lacquered wood, glass, chrome, and matte fabrics are most often used in modern home design. These elements should all work with each other, but be unique enough to offer crisp contrast.
Try playing with modern design by resisting the urge to overcomplicate a room. Keep very few items on shelves and tabletops. When choosing pieces of décor, look for straight lines and things that make a graphical statement. By implementing these simple fixes, modern style will start to take shape.

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